Thank you Summer Volunteers!

Today is the last Saturday before Fall, and we would like to thank all of the volunteers that have helped us out during this hot and rainy summer. With your help, we've successfully kept afloat throughout all of the rainfall.

We will continue preparing the garden beds for Fall on Sunday, September 18th from 8:00am-10:00am. We would love for you to come by and join us wrap up the summer season!

Special shout out to our dear friend and former farmer Anna Timmerman, we wish you luck in pursuing your Ph.D at LSU! We miss you dearly!

Falling For Agrowtopia

Now that a slight breeze is in the air again Agrowtopia's fall produce is finally ready to sprout. Our Arugula will be the first crop ready followed by; Spinach, Kale, Rainbow Chard, Radish and Collard Greens sprouting in upcoming weeks. We are now ready to fully blossom as we have survived our first full year; operating at about 25% at any given time. With the addition of an irrigation system running through each bed, a great new farmer, and a reliable compost program we have plans to have Agrowtopia producing at 100% by the end of fall... Stay Tuned!

Cover Cropping In Preparation For A Plentiful Fall

With the peak of summer upon us and all the challenges that it brings; we have decided to cover crop the majority of our beds in preparation for a plentiful fall. Cover cropping our soil with crowder peas will; increase the fertility levels and aid in pest, and weed control through out the beds. This temporary covering will  allow our soil to cultivate the nutrients it needs to provide our fall harvest with everything it desires to produce strong, tasty, and nutritious produce.                                      


With the summer time and all of it's challenges in full affect, Agrowtopia will be slowing down a bit. We will be cover cropping half of our beds to ensure that the soil will be in prime condition for when fall rolls around. We have a lot of big surprises ahead and we are excited for what the future has in store for our site.  In the mean time we will be enjoying the sun like these flowers, and we hope you'll do the same. 

-The Agrowtopia Team 

Thank You For All of The Support Aetna!

We want to send a huge Thank You to the Aetna Foundation for supporting Agrowtopia Farms by granting us $25,000 to put on our Healthy Eats educational program.  This program provides free seminars for the community about eating healthy on a budget, while providing all participants with fresh vegetables. You can register for our Healthy Eats program at the link below.

or email Taj Dright at